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Work-life balance: Do one thing well, and forgive yourself the rest334 Comments

  1. Rest is to much compulsory thing if the human being is continue doing work. He should always avoid and try to take rest as well during working. If the human being has gotten rest, then he can easy to focus and give us to much beautiful result with the availability of rest.

  2. Focus on your goal and it will lead you there. We should not waste our time for nonsense things. We should balance our lifestyle to avoid complexity. We should learn how to manage our time and our priorities in life in order to achieve our goals. But being too workaholic is not good, we are still human, we need to rest to keep the calmness of our minds. We need to try new perspectives along the way in achieving our goal. You know, we do not dream for the success, we work for it. resume valley

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