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2015-7-LochNessAndUrquhartCastle5 (41)As mentioned in my introduction to our tour of Scotland, we took many pictures. Scotland is a photographer’s dream. Our pictures were taken as quick adhoc shots from our used and abused iphones. Imagine what a professional photographer with a proper camera could do…


  • Took the car on five ferries, from a few minutes to several hours;
  • Visited the Isle of Lewis, the Isle of Harris, the Isle of Skye, the Isle of Mull;
  • Toured the grounds of Aberdeen University, Old Town Aberdeen, and drove through flooded streets to get a glimpse of the Aberdeen FC stadium and shop;
  • We visited castles, all representing their respective Highland Clans, including Brodie, Lews, Dunstaffnage, Eilean Donan, Duart, Urquhart, and one of which we only glimpsed a wet shadow: Dunnottar;
  • We tasted local goods at Glen Ord Distillery (and took home some ‘can only get it there’ booty), Inverawe Salmon Smokery, and in Stornoway, the home of the world’s finest black pudding (which is essentially blood sausage);
  • We saw more Lochs than one can count, including Loch Ness (got my feet wet in the water without a nibble from Nessy!), Loch Lomond, and more;
  • We stayed at towns built upon a river’s mouth, and which are thusly named with the prefix “inver.” So where there is the River Ness (anchored by Loch Ness), there is the town called Inverness. Where there is the River Awe, there is the town of Inverawe. Where there is River Arnan, there is Inverarnan. Here in Edinburgh, near the river called Water of Leith, there is there area called Inverleith;
  • We saw historic sites by day and by night we stayed in very Scottish establishments (excluding Novotel in Glasgow) including hotels, B&Bs, and one funny little bunk house surrounded by lush green mountains, a glistening loch, and a cozy lodge where we had a home-cooked breakfast.

A map of our trip is posted below the slide show.

Click any photo to switch to slide show mode wherein you can navigate using the right-hand/left-hand arrows.




2015-7-LochNessAndUrquhartCastle5 (7)



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  1. You are seeing a beautiful pictures. You know where the pictures have taken. This is the Courtland which element has too much effective and beautiful place for visit. I have just visited now a back few days.

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