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BizDecoder.com delivers genuine, unfiltered insights on the business that happens between the lines. From career advancement to the consumer impacts of corporate decisions, BizDecoder goes deeper into watercooler conversations to bring realities above board and expose the real levers to your success as a leader, an employee, or a consumer. Seldom are transactions, negotiations or interviews won or lost based on the obvious or stated terms.

About Mary Heckert
Mary Heckert thmbnlAs BizDecoder’s core author, I seek to document valuable conversations in the most casual and frank way. I own and run a corporate communications consultancy and I have worked for over fifteen years in ‘Big Time Consulting’–a snarkish term for a few large global management consulting firms that are the world’s best image and reputation managers. Succeeding at image management is vital for a business, but sometimes the energy it puts into laying that veneer can rob its leaders, employees and customers of the transparency they need to get good information and make good decisions.

I call on a cache of experiences that have been at once exhilarating and painful. BizDecoder.com’s articles seek to undress the uber-professional and self-protective stance many companies exhibit and simplify the discussion. Not all companies are bad. Many do seek to deliver great products and offer rewarding careers. But whether you are interviewing for a job, or trying to make a stock investment decision, it’s important to consider who stands to benefit, who is making decisions, and who in the marketing or recruiting departments is en-coding the messages.

Your comments – better than reality TV
Every article invites comments. Your comments are valued because every day the realities within business are unfolding and you are experiencing them. I think I’ve seen it all until someone like you shares just one more great example of the things happening today.

I’ve never had to watch a reality t.v. show because I’ve always had big business to keep me entertained, and feverishly taking notes…


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