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2015 July – The Open (The ‘British Open’)

2015-7-TheBritishOpen40 (13)Crp

In December we purchased tickets to The 144th Open Championship in St. Andrews, north of Edinburgh, south of Aberdeen. Those who follow golf know that this year’s event was a history-making one in that rain on Friday delayed several players’ … More…

2015 July – Tour de Scotland – Just the Pix

2015-7-LochNessAndUrquhartCastle5 (41)

As mentioned in my introduction to our tour of Scotland, we took many pictures. Scotland is a photographer’s dream. Our pictures were taken as quick adhoc shots from our used and abused iphones. Imagine what a professional photographer with a … More…

2015 June – Fun around town and end of school year festivities


The end of June had us meeting a milestone: the completion of a second school term. The final weeks were busy with school end-of-year events, House activities, and collections from the Lost and Found – which in Scotland includes several misplaced … More…

2015 May – Local Life and Detailed Schedules


Two survival tips for living in Edinburgh: Keep your eyes down when walking about town – People let their dogs poop all over the sidewalks. We do not understand why and there are city campaigns urging people to discontinue this … More…

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First Weeks Abroad


“Excuse me, …I believe you have my stapler…..” If you recall the ‘red stapler’ guy in the movie Office Space–the employee who was repeatedly demoted to a poorer and poorer workspace, from cubicle, to shared space, and eventually to a … More…